When a guy breaks up with you, but wants to hang out after and be friends?

A guy I dated for a month broke up with me last week and wants to be friends. We never kissed/had sex because he was unsure about me, and that he wanted to be sure before making a move - but in the end he dumped me because he didn't want to leave me hanging whilst he was unsure.

I haven't messaged him since breaking up, and now he texted me asking how am i, and then tells me his evening plans about how he is going clubbing. I told him I'm going out (no extra info enclosed to him), and then he asked if I wanted to meet for drinks... and then quickly said "just realised you said you were going out". And I texted him back with just "Lol yeh, i'm out tonight" - I didn't bother saying maybe next time or counteroffering him back because we broke up and I don't see him as friends because we never started out as friends because we met online.

What is he trying to do? Why does he want to meet for drinks? I'm assuming he wanted to meet me before he went clubbing, but I thought why should I be used as a filler for his time. He clearly ended it with me and I did say I need time away from him before, if he wants to be friends. He always said he didn't want to lose me if we were to break up and would want to stay close to me as a friend.

Is it purely being friends and catching up? Or is he trying to restart something? We broke up 6 days ago.


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  • He's trying to make your mind up into the old feelings you had for him. When a guy breaks up with you and says he wants to be "friends" he will manipulate your mind and you will become the side chick one day. That ex now friends never works. Ask him straight up what he wants


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