Is it odd that I aim for people less attractive than I am?

For one let me just say
i'm not calling them unattractive, i'm just saying they are not considered attractive by others ,
and i'm not trying to brag saying i'm attractive, i'm probably average.

Whenever i flirt with a girl, i flirt "unattractive" ones because i feel like they are more likely to say yes.
if i tried to ask a girl who was about average, like me,
or better looking than me, i feel like i'd get rejected.

(except by this one girl who was really cute, and i felt like she liked me.. but i was shy and didn't capitalize...)

iv'e asked a few "unattractive" girls if they liked me, and most of them say yes.
I ask if they'd date me, and its also a yes.
iv'e only ever been rejected by a couple of them, one thought i was teasing/trolling her,
and i think one was lesbian.

Anyway i plan on being with someone who is less attractive then me, because they seem to be the ones who are kind at heart.
and won't cheat on you, even if someone better looking than you asked them out.
which isn't likely to happen
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What Girls Said 1

  • My best friend's mom told him to find himself a fat chick. She said, it's because they'll never cheat and they'll be grateful to have you and do anything to please you. It's rather crude but he said the theory is a good one. So, I'd have to say that yours stands up to good reasoning.


What Guys Said 2

  • It's not odd because many people do that. They're insecure so they don't think they can pull an attractive person.
    Guys go for less attractive girls because they're more likely to say yes.
    Girls go for less attractive guys because they want to avoid competition.
    In the end, it's all because of one's insecurities.

  • I don't think it's odd but you shouldn't base a persons personality on their looks.


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