What is my friends with Benefits doing?

So basically when I went on the date on Tuesday it went well and he asked to see me again and kissed me goodbye and then didn't message me for three days and then liked one of my pics and then I messaged him and he said can you do me a favour and I went yeah and he went can you flirt with this dude my mate he's a virgin, and I was like not fuckinh him and he went I don't want you to fuck him 😕, and he went if you flirt don't mention sex , I don't want you to lead him on, I don't get what is he doing and why mention me?


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  • i think he just wants to make his friend feel happy


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  • He might just be doing a good favour for a friend i. e helping him with low confidence issues etc. What I dont understand is why let you do it. Does his friend know that the two of you are FWB?

    • No he's doesn't know

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    • I dunno if he's playing me or not

    • @Asker, could also be a test. I would flat out asks him why? Also I would tell him am not comfortable with it.

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