How to impress a girl?

I like a girl but iam too shy to tell her and I am not gud with words


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  • How about you just tell her? How hard can it be?


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  • The most impressive thing you can do to a girl is to show her that you aren't trying to impress her. You do you... Stop worrying about how women perceive you and you'll actually start to notice that they will be attracted to this the most.


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  • There are a few things.
    1. Show confidence.
    2. Be direct
    3. Have an upright back
    4. Approach her when she is alone.

    • upright back?

    • Dont me like Quasimodo. Have your back upright. If it isn't upright. You'll look less attractive and less confident. Plus women like an upright and strong back.

  • just be you, act how you would normally act towards your friends, towards a person.. I bet she'd be impressed if you just put your fears and desires aside and had a normal conversation with her.. like she's a human and not some "prize"