Would you able to trust a girl that responded with this text message and avoided a guy for 2 months looking down putting her hand over her face?

I met a girl at work and she would contact me 2-3 times a week through work chat, email and phone for 4 months.

She would tell me I was helpful and awesome.

She saw me outside and she jumped and screamed my name.

She offered to buy me candy and coffee.

She would smile and tell me to have a good weekend.

After 4 months,
On Thursday, she contacted me to assist her with a computer which I let her borrow which so I sat next to her and we talked about work, school and she asked me where I lived for about 30 minutes. I told her to contact me the next day so I can assist her with work further.

The next day Friday, she sent me a chat with Hi, my name. I would like to speak to you. Please call me at her personal cell phone number with a smiley face emoji and I told her that I wanted to contact her earlier. She said she was busy earlier.

Since I was busy assisting somebody else when she sent me the message, I chatted with her instead and helped her with the computer through chat.

The following week Monday, she contacted me and said she can either meet me or I can go to her to drop off the computer to me. I went up to her floor to pick up the laptop.

The next day Tuesday, she contacted me again so I helped her and her boss and she smiled at me thanking me for assisting her with the computer. That day in the evening, I texted her personal cell phone number at 8pm and 3 hours and 30 minutes later at 11:30pm in the evening she responded with
8pm: Me: Hi, Name, It’s (My Name), How is everything is going

11:30pm Her: Hi, (Name), Everything is fine. Thanks.

Her: Is there something you need help with?

12am Me: Im just saying Hello

For 2 months, she avoided me. She even saw me in the hallway and I looked at her and she looked down and put her hand over her face.
2 months later, she sent me a email mentioned Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face emoji =)


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  • There's nothing here to suggest that she wasn't trustworthy to begin with?

    • She basically treated me like a creeper putting her head down with her hand over her face and avoided me for 2 months.

    • What does that have to do with her trustworthiness though? She obviously just felt awkward about the situation.

    • Ok. What do you think about the overall situtation?

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