Foolproof way to make a guy fall for me in 2 months?

I have a college class with a guy that I am crushing on big time.. we only meet once a week for a couple hours. Our first class was last week and I definitely sensed some chemistry. He made jokes to me, when we first talked his eyes just really looked into mine. I noticed he didn't do this with others. I left the room for a little and when I came back he moved his seat alongside mine. But later moved it back. I'm really not sure what to do because if he isn't into me I don't want to make the rest of the semester weird but I only have this semester left to make a move on him. Sooo what do I do? Will he make a move if I try flirting? How can I tell he is digging me without asking him out? He also seems to be a friendly guy so how can I tell if he is friendly to everyone or different towards me? Any help is great really. I'm shy too.


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  • hi tabby. so, full proof way to make him fall for you? trip him! haha but seriously, there's no 100% way, but there is the best way which I will put below:

    the only thing you need to do to both (a) find out if he likes you and (b) give him the chance to show it are
    1. flirt with him in public and
    2. spend time alone with him, talking.

    if you can do that, you're set. but how? well, if you already know how to flirt then go for it. full force teasing ;) as for step two, you'll need to hint at doing something together and also make yourself available for him to ask you out and talk to.
    for example, if you start a convo at the end of class, you can keep it going and you both will naturally walk out of class together. outside of class you want to leave whatever convo starter you used behind and start getting personal. switch the convo to learning about him. and also flirt.
    also, ask during convo if he's going out to eat. if he tells you where act like you really like the place or haven't fine and really want to. this gives him opportunity to ask you to tag along.

    want a simply im-so-shy-girl's way to ask him out? find out about every event coming up on campus and bring them up during conversation. if there's a sport event, ask him if he's into sports. if he says yes then say "did you hear about that sport event next week?" you naturally flow into a time you two can go out without ever actually asking him out.

    I had a girl once just flat out ask for my number after class. a nice guy will give it to you no matter what if people are looking. but it's best to only do this one if you're attractive. my point though us that girls have and do approach in very direct ways. so don't feel weird about starting a conversation. if he's interested he'll talk and also ask you out provided you can effectively slap him in the face with your hints. (I say this bc those super subtle hints of a hint that girls do don't work with most guys). but yeah, follow those and you're golden. remember to flirt with him but your biggest goal is to talk with him in private. "private" meaning anywhere you two can talk where your conversation is not the focus of anyone around you. please lmk if you have any questions :)

  • You should approach him. If I were a Man in College these days, I would avoid College Women. Why? Rampant FALSE RAPE.


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  • 1. Be attractive.
    2. Make him feel important and confident when he's around you.
    3. Ask him questions and show interest.
    4. Compliment him.
    5. Touch him a lot.


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