Should you care about someone's past?

Im not saying about One Night Stands or Casual Hookups,
Im asking about really dating and courting someone and trying to have a healthy, long-term monogamous relationship,

Lets say - A woman likes you, and you both start dating , and She dumps all the guys from her life and focusses only on you. Its perfect situation. But here is the problem -

She has left a guy for me, so i will be constantly worrying that she will leave me too some day for someone else. So i cannot trust her completely.

She just jumped from one guy to the other , Had she remained single for a while then I would have had no problem trusting her, but this woman always need some dudes in her life.

Now what to do in these situations? Please help me.
  • Women who can't remain single and always needs guys are the insecure women and are not good for healthy long term relationships.
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  • This is the modern dating scenario, accept it.
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  • Its ok, we all want the best, She can be faithful too.
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  • Others ( I want to give my comments )
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What Girls Said 1

  • I would not

    • But what if she jumped from one to the other, even when she was involved with some guy.
      wouldn't u see it as a red flag?

What Guys Said 1

  • For me, personally, I don't date girls with a high body count. If she has a high body count, I won't sit there judging her but I'd probably decline dating her.


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