Do you think particular race/gender combinations have an advantage/disadvantage in the dating scene?

We always discuss income, body type, weight, aesthetics, height,, and other factors in which people are judged for in the dating scene.

However, I read a complaint on Facebook from an African-American woman that black women have it the "hardest" in the dating scene. While this may seem silly, it does seem to hold some truth. I know many black girls who have a hard time finding a guy to date. I've noticed the same with Asian men. On the other hand, white girls seem to have it the easiest, and followed by black men, and Latina women. ALL of these are observations from me, and many other people I've talked to-They are by no means scientific facts, or concluding data.

Have you guys noticed it?

@spencify Are you including black men? Because they seem to have a major advantage over all other men.


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  • Asians and Africans probably , not all Latinos , in Argentina, chile and Uruguay most people are wHite not brown.

    • thanks for the mho!

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  • Minorities and males, it's not even a debate.


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  • Yeah... I believe there is a truth in it.

  • Nope i think its purely on looks, these days

    • At your age, looks are important for girls, but popularity is important for guys (and looks).

      Would you agree that certain race/gender combinations look better than others?

    • I like all races so i can't answer that
      #fast reply

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