Why does a guy give a girl flowers?

I never met him in person and he asked me what my favorite kind of flowers were and brought it up again. If i go on a date with him, i have a feeling he's going to bring me flowers on the first date. He is experienced and I am not. He is constantly trying to talk over text and brings up tickling me all the time. Why? I dont want to feel like I have to give him something in return. I know he wants a sexual relationship and I dont. I dont know what he is trying to do. I dont even know if i like him at all. And no, he doesn't know my fav kind of flowers.


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What Guys Said 1

  • To show her that cares for her and it's complimentary

    • But he doesn't know me at all. How can he care for me already? Bringing flowers on a first date?

    • Maybe he might over time

    • Last night he just told me that he likes talking to me

What Girls Said 1

  • He is trying to be nice and thoughtful. Also, he knows that plenty of women love flowers, so...


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