I have dating standards , Am I wrong?

My standards are -

1. I won't do One Night Stands, because I don't want to share my body with just anyone, loyalty is of utmost importance for me.

2. Even if she is ready to have sex with me on the spot but if I find out that she has a boyfriend, I walk away because she is a disloyal person with no integrity.

3. I will not date a woman who is afraid of being single and just jumps from one guy to the other because these women lack confidence and cannot remain loyal in future.

4. I have seen that I dont get laid often although I have plenty of chances , But 2-3 women that Im dating are amazing and fabulous. I love spending time with them,

Are my standards too high? Is something wrong with me?
  • Yes, your standards are too high.
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  • No, your standards are fine. Its your choice.
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  • Who cares dude? Fck standards, Just get laid!!!
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  • Others ( I want to raise my comments myself )
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What Girls Said 2

  • I find it odd that you put so much emphasis on loyalty, and then shamelessy date three women at the same time.

  • You're currently dating 2-3 women?

    • Yes, im not being exclusive with anyone, and they know it , im honest about it.

What Guys Said 1

  • Wow, im inspired my man, please keep going, your high morals and just general respect for the other person is awespiring, take my words to heart because i can only hope i have enough patience to do what your doing.


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