Girls, I'm flirting with her is she flirting back?

If this isn't flirting I don't know what is. Here's the story of what she did yesterday. Well some if it.
So this girl was saying how her aunt calls her "dipshit" and it happened right in front of me. I said "aren't you though?" And she walked away with a pouty lips Ando a sad face. Then every time I walked by her she kept looking at me with her sad face just to let me know how much it "hurt". Then when I saw her again she was talking to someone else and said "he thinks I'm a dipshit" after looking at me and I just gave her a flirty smile and she walked away with her sad face. Then later when I couldn't get two pans separated she came and helped me separate them even though I said she shouldn't touch them because they were raw chicken pans but she still wanted to help. She was like "it's okay, I can wash my hands". Then after I separated them she said "am I still a dipshit?" Then I said "I'll think about it". And she walked away with a sad face again. Also when I got my brake food rung up she kept looking at me and shaking her head no. Then she kept shaking her head after seeing what I got. Then she smiled at me I guess to let me know how much she was enjoying messing with me. Then when I walked past her again she shook her head again and when I looked at her she said "this is too easy" while smiling.


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  • You are 20, yet you call her a dipshit? I mean... people flirted that way when they were in elementary school.

    • You do realize she knows I'm playing with her right? She teases me back quite a bit. Why is it so hard for you people to understand I'm playing and not being a jerk. This girl knows I'm teasing her and she teases me back.

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