Was he flirting or just being kind?

Heyy so I went to pizza night with my friend n his family n his bro and best friend (we'll just call him dude) and during it I could tell dude sat next to me right away and asked me who I was and tried to make conversation here and there. Then we went back to my friends family's house to play video games for a couple hours and of course dude sits next to me the whole time n it looked like he was closer to me then his friend. He started asking me some personal questions like if I work then I asked him if he works he's like yea I'm like where n he says dominoes with a big smile at me lol plus I noticed he would laugh at me and the things I say like if I acted a little awkward or shy he laughed I don't know if he thought it was cute but during the game he'd always be on my side and against everyone else lol anyway I'm just wondering if it was flirting or just being nice?


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  • It sounds like flirting.. see what up follow him on instagram or fb to see his interest


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