Wrong for not liking a girl that did/does drugs any more?

Hi, I will try to keep short as possible here.

I liked this girl at work a while back she's nice lets call her Alex ( not real name of course)

Ok this girl Alex that i liked was a Uni student seemed pretty shy and down to earth and she's quite pretty.

Now this girl i though was typical and stuff drinks and goes out the usual party sort for a bit which ain't a big deal but then i learned she takes some pretty hard drugs every now and again and thats put me right off of her.

Im not trying to be a prude or anything but i dont feel i could be with a person that does drugs due to a personal history in my with a member who did them and also due to my own personal views on the matter.

I dont want to seem like a prude or petty in any way but is this wrong to loose attraction for some one and not want to date them for this kind of action im a bit unsure.


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  • It's not wrong. I personally would never stop loving my boyfriend because he does drugs but that's just my opinion. If it's a deal breaker for you, then it's not wrong.


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  • If you feel uncomfortable dating a person with such a past, then you are free to do so. Nothing wrong about it.


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  • Not wrong at all. In fact I think this is a smart move, unfortunate maybe, but you're turned off before your feelings ever got too deep. You've probably just saved yourself the heartache of her future.


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  • what kind of drugs?

    • stuff line :

      probably some others as well

    • those aren't so bad. speed is the only one you have to worry about because of the possibility of addiction. acid and E are just for fun.

    • they're party drugs

  • You're a bitch. What's her real name I'll hit her up. you've probably never tried them and just being judgmental

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