Have you ever been blocked on whatsapp 😂 ?

So i got blocked by this girl who happens to be my guy friend's girlfriend :D she was very insecure of me and they fought over me. Well she ended up blocking me on whatsapp but is super sweet to me on facebook/instagram and even in person because we all go to the same college. She thinks i don't know about her insecurities. I didn't tell my guy friend about this. Infact i have started avoiding him now. Just feels really funny to be blocked by someone that i don't even chat with 😂
P. s the guy friend tells me about their fights but is very vague, flirts excessively with me -_-


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  • Yes I have and it was so strange she talk to me at school like we were the best of friends and liked all my photos on fb I just don't get it, anyway I avoided her because if she didn't wanted me to text her why would I want to talk to her in person.

    • Exactly that is the highest degreeof immaturity. If people habe issues, they should just come and say that to our faces. Liking everything everywhere and being sweet in person and an ass on whatsapp. Argh these people!

    • She is being a hypocrite and I don't like hypocrites so stop talking to her.

    • Noted ✌👍

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  • Haha nope but I have been blocked on other platforms 😂

    • Hehehe i still feel you! :D you just joined my squad for being blocked at least somewhere 😂

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