Why is he still pursuing me?

So I dated a guy about a year and a half ago, it didn't last very long (only a month, which I ended it) we slept with each other and it was great. But all throughout the last year and a half are communication has still been on and off. Mainly him initiating it, we did sleep with each other after things had ended but only that once, since then I've shut him down and said I wasn't interested.

Anyways one night I was drunk and was in an annoying mood and he was online so I decided to annoy him, he was confused and he said "we don't do this" (talking/bantering as friends) which was a fair statement, in which I replied so I'm only hook up material. He said no and I just ended the convo.

A few months later he messaged me again and tried to start a convo which I ended as I used his words against him saying 'we don't do this.' And that I wasn't stupid and that the only reason he was messaging me was to see if I was up to hooking up, I told him I wasn't so he might as well stop wasting his time. He said that wasn't the reason and I ended the convo.

but last night at 2am I got another message from him saying how was your weekend? And before you say it no I'm not texting you for that.' I messaged him back in the morning asking if it was a drunk text and he said no. I left it again.

My question is what's his game? I've told him I'm not interested, we haven't had sex in a year and I've continually shut him down. My friend said maybe he's actually trying to be friendly and talk, but I'm very wary. Opinions?


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  • No he isn't


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