Time to take a step back?

WE dated a couple of times, been texting and calling on the phone regularly, made out heavily once. we met on a dating site, I haven't deleted my account and so has he. I checked my profile earlier and he is online as well, I texted him and just said hi, he didn't reply. Im pretty sure he has the phone in his hand. I think I need to back off a bit, my feelings is geting deeper, He has been crossing my mind more every day and I dont even know where we stand. Smart move?


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What Guys Said 1

  • leave the ball in there court, I've done this with a women i had a relationship with before, she never got back to me and I'm actually glad, I think doing that left less a in my head after that.

    • I also want to add she still crosses my mind but I know that she has the ability to talk to me, and that helps a lot.

    • yeah. weve been talking for a while and I can pretty much sense if there's a difference in his attitude. Ill just go with the flow but once i lose interest I dont think Ill be interested to give
      any effort anymore

    • yeah it's understandable, I mean the old saying goes, you snooze you lose. and I'm sure he's missing out big time on you 😉 lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Ya just leave it and see if he gets back to you. If not, then you've the green light to move on.


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