Sent my friends with benefits drunk texts. Need help with text message to resolve/fix the situation?

So i was drunk texting a guy I've been having casual sex with the last night, and I said some really stupid but honest things. Do you think this is a good text to send him?

“Hey [name]. So I just want to apologise for the drunk text. It was immature, impulsive and said out of confusion and frustration, so for that I’m sorry. That being said, I’m not apologising for what I said in it as its the truth. I shouldn’t have and don’t expect anything more from you, but I do think deserve more than the rare text every now and again in what was a one-sided arrangement. Anyway, we both clearly have different expectations and are looking for different things. It’s was great getting to know you and I hope you figure out and get whatever it is you’re looking for.”

I know its long, but what do you guys think? Does it make sense? I do want a reply from him so I don’t want it to sound toooo final because I know he won't reply if it does. He might not anyway. If I’m perfectly honest I do want a relationship with him but I know thats unlikely and im not the type to guilt someone into a relationship they dont want, so I just want closure for it ending.

Please help!


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  • its good.


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  • Sounds like yet another girl fooling herself into thinking she can separate emotion from sex. Men are wired differently so it's easier.

    Your text is a waste of time, what do you hope to achieve from it? It's just more dishonesty. This is why so many of you will not be able to bond by the time you are 25.

    • Why is it dishonest? Im not fooling myself, I'm end it before I develop any further feelings? In anything I'm being completely honest...

    • I meant when girls get into friends with benefits situations in the first place, and when you did. Most also have no idea how much it impacts everything over the years too. Again, men are effected a lot less.

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