I am one of the only girls he follows/is friends with on social media?

We aren't even technically dating (yet) and he definitely is not gay. We actually got mad at eachother and didn't talk for a couple months but then after we started talking again i noticed that he was doing this. I am one of his only female friends on facebook except for his family. He did have other female friends but it seems like he has unfriended most of them for some reason. When I followed him on instagram I realized that I was also the only girl he follows and the only other ones he does follow are female guitarist accounts (he's really into guitar and whatever). I'm just wondering what this could mean? And why he decided to unfriend or unfollow almost all the other girls except me? (Btw we do have a big romantic interest in eachother)


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  • It means that he doesn't have other female friends. It's quite simple. It could also mean that now he feels closer to you, that's why he decided to follow you, since he mostly follows people he knows.


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