Why would he do this? I did nothing wrong?

I met this guy a while ago and there was always a flirty energy between the both of us. We didn't talk all that much but it was obvious that we got along really well. It stayed that way until a mutual friend threw a party and we were both there. We talked to each other the whole night, he got drunk and told someone I was his 'dream girl' when he thought I wasn't paying attention. Nothing happened that night though (I didn't reject him, just left early).

But after that, things got weird. He really started avoiding me, and when we went out in a group of friends he would talk to anyone but me (that happened more than once, lol). I thought to myself, maybe he's just not interested anymore, shit happens, and I moved on.

But then... it got weird again. He's still kinda not directly talking to me, but things are... sketchy. He does some little things like, for example he likes my photos religiously (he doesn't like my girl friends', who talk to him just as much as I do). Where I come from this IS actively flirting, and given our background info and the things he said about me before... it's just weird.

What I was trying to ask from the beginning: What did I do wrong? I don't think I was pushy or clingy, I didn't get enough time to become that lol. Why would he suddenly just start avoiding me like that if he was still interested? And if he wasn't interested anymore, then why stay avoiding me, while doing flirty shit on the internet? I don't get it tbh

Update hahah


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  • He dips in and out with flirty energy to see if you will chase him and make him some sick priority in your life. in my opinion


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  • Maybe he is actually interested in you, but he doesn't think that you are.


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  • It can be that he's just embarassed and don't remeber what happened. Now he doesn't know how to talk to you. Still interested but no way of knowing what happened. People might have told him taht you left early and he could just as easily have assumed that you did so because he bothered you or something.
    This is just some noise in comunication probably.
    And yes, he probably likes you.

  • he's probably just embarrassed about being around you. it's easier for him to flirt with you when it's not face to face. at this point it's best to talk to him honestly

    • You're right, I should just talk to him. But the thing is, he really is not the shy type, he's very experienced and was upfront at first so I don't see why he would be acting like this out of nervousness or something... but you're right nonetheless.

    • he might not completely remember what happened at the party and he feels like he might have done something wrong.

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