Is this guy playing me?

I'm getting real tired of his ass so bear with me haha.

Okay so we flirt pretty much since we met. Then some shit happened and the flirting got heavier one night, but he never made a move. We then talked for a few days on FB (which was something I started, so I showed I was still interested) and then... nothing. He starts avoiding me irl, when we're in the same bar/party he talks to everyone else and other girls but not to me. I was like okay, he's not interested anymore, so I moved on. But then his ass starts getting sketchy with me outta nowhere, starts liking literally all of my IG photos (including old ones) for example, while still not talking to me irl. It's all just suspicious to be honest.

Is he doing this shit for fun or what? Is he expecting me to chase him? I feel like he's tryna play me...


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  • Yeah he is


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