Lol, am I an alien?

Honestly when I scroll from all these dating apps on my phone, I see some attractive girls, but I never have anything in common with them. Ok I mean there is stuff in their bio that I have in common, like simple things that they like to do and lifestyle similarities on a surface level. But how many girls am I going to come across that, according to their linked Spotify accounts, like Drake, and countless pop stars and rappers and stuff when I don't even like those artists at all.

My personal interests and musical tastes are way out in left field compared to most. I think on some level it's a real hinderance because of how my mind works. There's just very little for people to relate to. I'm not normal.


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  • What are you listening to then?

    • Like really spacey synthesized electronic music, and heavy, ambient and intricate rock and metal. These are my favorite sounds. I find a lot of popular stuff to be really plain and boring.

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    • Also Irish creme for just regular coffee. Good stuff.

    • Agreed! šŸ™Œ

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