Girls, would you leave your boyfriend if you meet a guy who is more financially secure/successful and makes you feel good if your boyfriend isn't as stable?

Like your boyfriend is good but you are out of college around 24-25 and he still makes the same salary and he hasn't been that successful in life overall, he's pretty much a stuggling average joe, but another guy you know you find attractive, and he is successful and financially secure and this other dude makes you feel happy around him or good, would you leave your boyfriend for him?
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  • There would have to be other factors for me to consider./

    • Wow I wasn't even finishing answering the question GAG 😑 Anyways, is my boyfriend content with his financial situation or do he have goals and is working hard towards them? Is he treating me good or like crap? Those are some of the things I would have to take into consideration.

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