Is it okay if I tell a girl I like her?

So, I like this girl and she likes me. She has told me so but we only seem to get to only see each other when I'm with friends. She told me straight up that she wants to hang out with me 1 on 1 and I told her I felt the same.

I have not really talked to her all weekend and because she was on my mind so I texted her that I know it's weird but I have been thinking about you all day. We should defiantly hang out this weekend and maybe we can do something at her place because she wants to be private and I have a roommate.

Did I f*ck up in a sense by tell her my feeling? Or do girls liked to be thought about

I have told my friend for advice but her answers are wayyyy to long and winded to get a real answer and telling someone like that last time didn't work out for me.


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  • It's easier for her if you are straight up, good move


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  • No, you made the right move man, but i would suggest not thinking about it as much, just to try and calm yourself down, girls like it if you act yourself, so try not to get too worked up by this situation.

    i wish you the best of luck with this though


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  • Thats good, she like u too. U can tell her n try ask her for a meal.. Etc. She will like it though...
    please reply to a question I put on..

  • they like to me thought about, just not thought of 24/7.