How long after a date should you contact them?

I went out yesterday with a guy I had just met. He seemed really nice, we talked, it was somewhat comfortable mixed in with the first date awkwardness. However the date was cut short because something came up and he had to leave. I believe he was telling the truth since he talked about it at the beginning of picking me up that he had to do this. If it was a lie, it would have come up later right?

After the date ended, he sent me a text an hour later saying that he was sorry he had to go and that he knew tonight was a bit awkward but he liked hanging out. There was no suggestion of another date. And no text msg after that even when I replied. I was wondering if I should contact him or if that was his polite way of saying it was fun while it lasted but that's it for us.


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  • It would be better if the next day.


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