What should I do?

I've been in constant communication for about 3 weeks with a guy I'm interested in. We text back and forth a lot and we've gone for coffee, as well as tag each other / send each other things on social media quite often. I would say it's about 50/50 initiative. He's admitted he thinks I'm hot but that he doesn't want a relationship right now. I've told him I don't feel comfortable sleeping with someone I'm not dating, which he respected. Even after this conversation (about a week ago), he actively sends me his favorite songs, art, and photos - art is something we've both said we feel connected to each other with. He's opened up to me, too, about a lot of his personal issues, like mental health and sexuality. We weren't really friends before, so the progression of events to me has been interesting.

I'm a little stumped about where to go from here. Some of my friends say to give him time and he may come around on the relationship thing - he himself has said he'd let me know if he changes his mind. On the flip side, other friends are advising me to sleep with him if I want to. I'm only hesitant to because I don't want to ruin the dynamic we have right now. Any advice?


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  • Don't sleep with him if he is unwilling to be committed to you. Don't do it no matter what your friends are telling you to do. You will feel horrible afterwards.


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