My boyfriend is leaving and I feel really sad about it. How do I adjust to this new change?

We worked together for the last 7 years and only started dating about 7 months ago. He recently got a new job and I am really happy for him, he truly deserves it. I'm just going to miss him so much.

I am not in work this entire week (his last week) and it just occurred to me that I'm never going to be blessed with his presence everyday (at work). He even said to me he feels like he isn't going to see me again. He literally reached out to hug me and didn't let me go for about 15 minutes. He looked so sad and I started to think back to all the good memories we have.

Our schedules always clashed but he managed to rearrange his to match mine. We got to spend every other weekend together and occasionally the odd night in the week. Now everything is going change, I'm praying still get to spend at least two weekends a month together.


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  • You just move on and try your best not to think twice about it


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