Guys keep acting super interested in me and then ghosting. What could I be doing wrong?

I'll be texting a guy for weeks he's super interested and asks me to hang out and when the time comes he either will cancel it or won't follow through.

The first guy was texting me for two weeks while I was on vacation saying how badly he wants to hang out and then when I finally came back and agreed to it he never texted me on the day of and then later apologised and said he got busy.

Second guy a similar situation he was texting me every day for two weeks.. calling me.. telling me he really wanted to see me and then when I tried to make solid plans I never even got a text back

and finally the third guy was texting me for like 2 weeks as well and mentioned taking me out for dinner and then the next day radio silence

On all three occasions with these guys they have been SUPER interested for like 2 weeks and then all have disappeared suddenly. I really don't understand what I could be doing wrong to have a guy text me constantly and then suddenly just not give a shit and disappear?

I forgot to mention it's literally like they become a different person overnight and I have been on like 2-3 dates with all of these guys.


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  • They could be disappointed because of a lack of clarity and excitement; you should immediately confirm the intention to meet in a happy style. If you want it soon, then get the details set and otherwise reassure him that you will meet later when it is right for you... do be aware that there could be other women in the game! :)

    • Addendum: Watch out with being too interested in someone, you might forget that you need someone that is interested in you as well

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, that makes no sense.


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