Is it the women's responsibility to make the man fall for her?

Majority of women say it's our job to do the flirting and getting the guy to fall for you and opening up to you. Deep down is it something you expect in order to keep interested in a girl.

  • Yes or most of the time.
    38% (3)
  • No
    25% (2)
  • Depends.
    37% (3)
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  • Absolutely not. Each of us is responsible for his or her own happiness.


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  • Not anymore... Guys have to do everything... Girls have way too many options

    • Interesting. Yet I don't agree. When you have standards, you're options become limited.

    • Very interesting... Well there are two sides...

      Girls, for the most part get a lot of attention.

      So what happens is the girl dislikes everyone, and wants to chase a boy that she likes, a boy that's hard to get... In that case she has to show a lot of interest and try to woo him.

      And the other girl just has to sift through all the boys that do want to date, she sits there and can wait until a boy woos her, makes her laugh, can start a conversation and keep it going, etc.

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