Asking my crush to "hangout"?

I posted about him recently: We're in college and I usually would see him everyday in the cafe. I don't know if he saw me though. Once, he kept passing by me and noticed me looking and spoke. A few weeks later I flirted with him on Twitter that made it obvious I was interested in him and he starting noticing me. At first I was nervous and wouldn't make eye contact or even look at him if he was facing my direction. He goes to the gym often so I started going to see him and he'd see me and stare. For instance, I was on the bike once and he was passing and stared until he walked into a separate room, I was leaving out another day and he stared. I'd look but look away then look back to see if he was still looking lol. I finally got out of being shy and spoke to him in the cafe. Said hey as he was passing and he came up and hugged me. He's in the band and one night they were performing outside the dorms and before they left I went up and said hey to him and he hugged me again. I haven't seen him since because they've been busy but I want to ask him to do something one day like go get something to eat, laser tag, go karts, sky zone or an arcade. Sometimes I get skeptical because I don't really know if he's being friendly towards me or if he's interested in me as well.


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  • Do it. Honestly, do it as soon as possible, otherwise you are going to look back and feel terrible about the fact that you didn't make a move.


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  • Not a bad move... have at it


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