Guys if you are dating multiple girls and one girl says she can't see you anymore because you are dating other girls does this make you sad?

I've been seeing this guy since September on and off. He made plans with me last Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday. Met him off of Tinder. We spent Valentines Day together. Friday I went out and actually ended up seeing him with another girl on a date through a window. He waved to me and my friends like it was no big deal. He also made a date with me for the next day. I know he said he didn't want anything serious, but why spend so much time with me if he didn't see it going anywhere? Maybe I am answering my own question. I just thought I meant more to him. Do you think he is even sad about it? I just saw the back of the girl's head, and it made feel like I wasn't good enough for him.

He's a dentist going to orthodontics school. He was nice, funny, smart, and attractive. I really liked him, and unfortunately developed feelings for him. We were sleeping together, and we never had an exclusive talk, except for the time he said he didn't want anything serious, but that was about three months ago.

I'm sad because I feel like anyone I really ever do end up falling for is unavailable in some way or another. I just thought he liked me more than that. Or maybe that is his style of dating, and it goes with his personality. I just thought I really found someone I could see myself being with...

I ended up telling him I this through text: "When we started hanging out again last week, I really tried to convince myself that I was ok without dating other people, and then I saw you with that girl last night, it made me realize I can't continue dating you." (Of course my sister helped me write that message.) All he wrote back was my name and that he understood. And that was it.

I guess my fault is that when I feel a certain way for someone and their actions match up with it in how he treats me when we are together, I feel like he might have mutual feelings for me. I guess I guessed wrong. My sister keeps telling me that he did like me because he wouldn't have hung out with me so much, but on the other hand why couldn't he just be happy with me and me only?

I'm just sad and depressed about the whole situation. He was honest, and I knew what I was getting into. I gue
I guess I am just one of those girls that thinks they can change the guy they are with to feel something different, to make them want to be with you and you only. I can't change this guy's mind. I couldn't, and it makes me feel like he didn't like me enough.

He is 31 and I'm 29. I knew I was wasting my time dating him, but it was fun "wasted time". I really enjoyed his company. I'm just sad that the whole thing is over, and I feel like I shouldn't want him back, but the reality is that


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  • No, it would not bother me. In fact, that would give me the opportunity to find someone new to replace you.

    • Well he was dating other people as it was. I'm just trying to figure out why he was dating me in the first place. Was he bored?

    • He spent last Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday together. We had plans for this Saturday but I canceled them. I guess he isn't worried about being able to find anyone new.

      Do you think he even liked me at all? I'm just kind of feeling sad about this. I really liked this guy. He was fun to be with. I enjoyed hanging out with him.

    • No girl is special. If an when one or the other decides to cut things off permanently... I am 100% sure he will move on. Plenty, and I do mean PLENTY, of pussy is out there.

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  • I was/am in the same situation!! except that I stopped it like 3 times because I was sad when I saw him with other people... I realised that it wasn’t good for me because it’s an annoying situation that you can’t blame him for doing that.. He can do what he wants because I agreed that he didn’t want something serious.. but I always end up going back to him or letting him come back when he ‘misses me’ because like you said it’s a fun waste of time.. 

I also send him a text like yours, and his reaction was the same.. he was like ‘oh ok, it’s your choice’ 
(what made me even more miserable because he didn't even care!)

So now this has going on for like 6 months and I’m feeling very stupid for letting this happen but yeah.. 
There are moments that it’s so much fun and then when I’m not in a very good mood and I think about it, it makes me even more sad.. 

Do I even mean something to him? How can boys be like that and say cute things when they don’t mean it? I couldn’t do that with multiple boys.. does he speaks to them like he does to me? Ugh I hate this

... but I know how you're feeling!

    (sorry if this doesn't help you at all and sorry for my English haha, but I just wanted to share this with someone who understands :p)


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  • No, because I will never date multiple girls at a time. I like to focus just on one.


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  • If he is a player and use in dating many girls then he will never be bothered at all.


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