Kind of dating a girl but should I trust her?

We had a couple dates things are good. We text often but she went on a skiing trip with some friends. She did asked if I ski or snowboard and I said no so I think she was gearing up to ask me. 5 people in total her and another girl are the only two girls. A dude posted on her face book "2 hotel rooms with two jacuzzis so pumped for the weekend." She hasent texted me this weekend. Should I assume that she is hooking up with someone is that what they usually do on ski trips? I sound like a jelious prick


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  • Well, if you are not dating exclusively, she is free to do whatever the heck she wants.


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  • Do not assume anything.
    You should also be mindful that you do not have an exclusive arrangement with her, so take a deep breath and give yourself a reality check.

    • ya your right time to call an escort.

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