Girls, affectionate vrs looks/strong guys?

Im only 5'8" and 140 and average build.
But what i'm trying to figure out is do girls like the big strong guys over a shorter but more romantic or affectionate guy. I just find things like cuddling or being close with a girl. Or just giving her general affection (non sexual) more apealing than being a guy that dose'nt want to show or tell how he really feels about his girl. I don't care how everybody else looks at me. Only her opinion maters. And call me old school but holding a door open and paying for the date is something I can't let her do, it just breaks every rule in my book.


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  • I prefer affectionate over strong guys. Like yea a strong guy can be useful, but come on, what girl doesn't want to cuddle. okay okay for me at least, cuddling is a must and if he can't provide that, then sayonara!

    • for ex my girlfriend broke up with me in November and been single since then. cuddling and giving affection was something I couldn't get get enough of. after losing her I come damn near crying myself to sleep just wanting to show a girl affection. all work and no love has turned me into a hard ass an I hate it.

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    • I'd rather spend my money on someone else than myself. I feel selfish when I spend money on myself. money or in that matter almost nothing makes me happy. once you have had your heart ripped out you don't have any left that make you happy.

    • Awe you sound like a great guy! I dont know what else to say, but that it will pass, Surely but slowly

  • Aww yea I'd go for your type anytime, my last dude was that height and its tall for me you're perfect as long as the attraction is there


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