How to remove the scarlet letter?

I was a late bloomer in life, I didn't have sexual contact with a woman until I was about 19. After I lost weight, put on muscle, got a haircut girls just assumed I was a player. No matter how sincere and truthful I was a person I got kinda forced into being a man whore. I have even had strippers accuse me of cheating on the girlfriend I didn't have.
I feel like when I talk to girls I have them mesmerized and the effects wear off when the conversation is over and they fear they maybe the next fly on my windshield. This even goes for girls with boyfriends too, they forget they have one. I mean I do enjoy the attention but I want to be taken seriously for a change. So any advice on the matter?


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  • Scarlet letter?

    • It's a book about a woman who had intercourse outside of marriage so the town pinned a giant read "A" on her for "Adulteress", hence the name of the title

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    • I think with time people forget

    • The louis ck effect, there circumstances will match my life

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