I don't think my bfs attracted to me?

I've been with him 6 months
I can barely get him to show me affection he only kisses me if i ask he holds my hand sometimes
And we damn near never had sex
I tried initiating but he never does anything and tonight i begged him to fuck me and after 2 hrs he agreed but i could tell he didn't want to sleep with me so i got irritated told him to get off me waited till he was asleep and I've been crying my eyes out

I don't know what to do


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  • he's definitely a waste on you (hope I said that right I confused myself now crap). I'm white I'm not hitting on you but if that's really your pic in the icon you are fucking gorgeous!!! If my girlfriend begged me to fuck her no matter what I was doing I'd drop it, I'd even let the house catch fire!!!

    Damned asshole for not showing you attention does he not have a dick, or is he getting it somewhere else. Look I'll be honest if your not happy let him go I don't want you to suffer the rest of this year (or your life) with someone that doesn't love you. I am sorry that he's treating you with disrespect.


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  • Ok, something is clearly not right here. What type of dude isn't trying to give you the D? Is he emotionally disturbed, on drugs, 80 years old? Move on, Hon. You're pretty and there's no need to have to beg your guy to fuck you ever.


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  • Does he some problems he is dealing with in his life or perhaps something happened growing up?
    How about dressing up, sexy lingerie, even a sexy movie - does anything get him going?

    • Nop nop and tried that

    • Time for change then because if he's not dealing with any issues right now and you have tried to stimulate him in various ways and he still doesn't respond, then I would consider moving on.

  • Maybe it is not you that is the problem, could be that he is uncomfortable with himself

  • dump him

  • Why don't you talk to him?

    • I've tried

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    • He will just say ok thats Fine cause he knows i love him
      And he doesn't love me back he says its to soon to love me yet

    • if he isn't really stepping up his game, is this really a relationship you want?

      You're 19. Sure you love this guy, but think about it in the long run. Would you want to be 30+, married with kids to this guy, and feeling like how you feel right now? Or would you rather find someone who makes you happy day in and day out?

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