How can I get my ex girl back after she blocked me on everything?

So we broke up because of distance, then during that time i had drinks with my last ex because i was back in my hometown. Anyway, im guessing the girl i actually like found out and freaked out and took me off all her socials. Its been a 5months now and i bumped it her snd she said she did it because she cares about me still and didn't want to play games. I never hooked up with my last ex, it was only a drink with mutual friends, but now i have decided to take her off my fb because she only caused trouble in an innocent hang.

How can i get the last girl i dated to take me back? I miss her so much :((
The only contact i have is that ill be at her work every 2 weeks...


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  • You have to literally tell how much of an idiot you have been, ask for her forgiveness, send her flowers or letters... pull out all anf every known gun out of the book. You have yo basically show her that altho u made a mistake... that she is worth it, that you arr worthy of her.

    • I dont know if she is dating anyone though, this is what im worried about. How can i suss this out? She is very private online? Her mom will be at the same place i will be working too and we have a great relationship, should i ask her?

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    • @Asker, yes,. Also , it helps to remember your first date and what it was that made her attracted to you.

    • thanks for mho

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  • don't bother being a stalker makes it harder for the rest of us guys you will find someone better

    • Dude dont think i will, she was such a keeper and i fucked up

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    • what did you do

    • it might be salvageable and if you do not fuck up again now that you realized you have done wrong

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