It is okay to tell a girl a girl you like her are looking for a relationship after you hung out with her twice?

I told her I wanted to take her out on a proper date


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  • If you two had a good time together, and got to know each other a bit more, than I believe it's okay to have asked her out on a proper date.
    Dating allows us to get to know one another even better, but sometimes people are hesitant to accept a date that soon, it all depends on personal preference and how they feel.
    If she doesn't feel ready, or doesn't feel like she knows you well enough yet, don't be upset if she declines the offer. I hope things go well for you both, and hopefully she will take you up on going on a date. It certainly never hurts to ask!

    • She said that sounds good when I told her I wanted to take her on a date. I'm just not sure of her intentions whether or not she's looking for a relationship.

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    • Give her time. She let you know she isn't seeking anything serious right now, and maybe she doesn't feel 100% ready to begin another relationship yet. Her responses could have slowed because of that. Maybe she doesn't know if going on a date is a good idea for her right now, as emotionally people need time to heal from break ups.
      I'm glad to hear she appreciated the message you sent. You can be confident she does like you back, however she might feel a bit unsettled now because she doesn't want you waiting for her to be ready to date again.
      Let her have some time to get her feelings and thoughts sorted out, and in a few days ask again if she wants to meet up (dont mention date, just for coffee, lunch, or something casual) and see if she is more open to agree to that.

    • That's what im doing. I feel like i am bombarding her by texting her every day so I am going to give her some space and see how she is doing in a couple days.

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