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She's funny and nice, she's an extrovert who likes to party but she also enjoys time at home. She can be shy at first but she loosens up quickly. She doesn't have many friends because she thinks that only people who truly care about her are worth keeping around. She's very expressive, laughs out loud and always has fun. She gets stressed out often and sometimes she gets really sad. She wants to be left alone during those times, but then she's soon back to normal.

She's in college, she doesn't get the best grades but she's still very smart. She can speak 3 languages fluently and she's really good at math. She loves art, cinema but above all she loves sports. She doesn't play any, but she likes watching and never misses a soccer match on TV.

Looks wise, she has an okay/above average face and a naturally thin pear shaped body (narrow shoulders, very small bust, small waist and big hips/butt area). She's mixed, has long, wavy raven hair and tan skin. Her most prominent features are her big dark eyes and her straight smile.
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