What do you think about East Asian guys?


Do you think East Asian guys are attractive? Would you like to date them?

(Notice: This is a question about your general opinion on them, not something on individual bases; I am not expecting something like "if an East Asian guy is attractive, I would be happy to date him". This is simply not the point. Which woman is unwilling to date an attractive man? I am just curious on whether you think they are generally attractive.)

Please include your national and racial origin (and ethical and religious if you do not mind).

Good day!


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  • Not really. As a majority, East Asians aren't all that attractive. It's the minority that I find attractive. Would I date them? Depends on if I can get a guarantee that if we ever break up, the guy won't go crazy and chop off my head.


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  • Yea I find a lot of them attractive

    • Where are you from and are yourself Asian or?

    • Im black from America. I've found myself attracd to several asian/half Asians this year. I've always found them attractive, but this is the first year where I actually met some Asians

  • Yep, totally attractive. and yes I would date them... just to bad most of the guys are shorter than me...

    • Where are you from? And are yourself Asian or? By the way, can I ask what's your height?

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    • Do you know many Asians in person or you get the impressions from media mostly?

    • I know a few

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  • They have small dicks.

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