My boyfriends looking at girls... do I say something?

I'll admit, I snooped. The laptop was right in front of me and I don't know why bc I trust him completely, but it was right there and I was just a little curious. Wish I didn't though, bc I found something that makes me feel disturbed. There's an app girls in my town use to post pictures of them half naked bc they think it looks cool. Whatever. I found that my boyfriend goes on these pages almost everyday and looks at the same 5 girls everyday. They post half naked stuff everyday. He always says it's trashy, but to look everyday? Once in a while is whatever but everyday does not slide with me. Do I say something? Bc if I do then he's gonna find out I snooped. But if I don't say something then it eats at me everyday. I know he wouldn't do anything with these girls bc I do know he loves me, but why look EVERYDAY. That is the part that kills me. I desperately need some advice. I'm completely stuck
Forgot to add, one is a girl that he used to screw all the time. And the rest are just whores that want attention. And I just don't want them getting his attention.


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  • Yea and a religious women still thinks about a fat cock even though she doesn't have sex or finds it disgusting

    He can think it's trashy but still look --> too want to look is a biological response, the trashy is a psychological response

    But looking at naked pics of girls while he has a girlfriend is a little funky monkey... I do agree there, Guaranteed he thinks of doing them. He should stop and focus on you

    • It's girls he knows too. And one of them is a girl he used to screw so I'm like...
      Okay what the fuck

    • Problem is we can't really help what we think of
      --> for example I know a women that is about to get married, she 100% loves her boyfriend and would never do anything to jeopardize that... However her mind sometimes thinks about this guy she had sex with (she considered him to be one of the best sex partners she's ever had) in her dreams - She can't help it, it's just a thought. But she won't actually go looking a images of him

      I think it's ok for him to want to think about those girls or any girls, in limit that is... BUT to actually look at nude images of them on a daily basis is a problem... and he needs to understand that that's not ok

  • confront him. i bet he will be scared.


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  • Men are visual.
    They enjoy and like looking at nakedness.
    If they do everyday, its become a habit that they enjoy - nothing more, nothing less.
    If you ask him about it, then do so knowing that he has the right to be angry and he has the right to defend his position.
    As he is only looking and not communicating or setting up dates with the 5, you can safely assume that its for his pleasure or a visual masturbation aid.

    • But now I have to feel insecure bc he likes to look at girls everyday that aren't me?

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    • Noo. I didn't see anything other than him looking at it everyday

    • Yeah, its something to just look at.
      Men like to look at women - its just how they are.
      Ask him about, tell him you feel undermined and you are curious as to how he came to be doing this.
      How does he react if you say another guy is good looking?

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