What does it usually mean for a guy if a girl doesn't tell him that she has a boyfriend for a few months?

Let's say a guy and a girl knew one another and got along well with one another and texted one another and wanted to both hangout, but the guy on his own found out she had a boyfriend already that she had been seeing for a few months.

If the guy found out on his own without her telling him, what would he think of the girl and what would he think she wanted?


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  • If it was me, I would first assume she is one those girls that needs to have a million friends in order to have any self-worth be able to have fun in life. I would assume I am just another friend amongst the million others and I have no real significant standing with her. I am not a tag-along so I would back away. If I was wrong, I would assume she liked me, but didn't want to break up because she was thinking about what she truly wanted and wasn't totally sure. Either way, I would still back away because I don't get involved in drama and I don't steal gfs.

    • If she invited him out for coffee too, what would you think then?

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    • And what is the classiest way to save face in a situation like this for both the guy and the girl?

    • Well, I mean it is common enough for girls to think nothing about having as many male friends as possible, and at the same time think nothing to not mention they have a boyfriend because they don't feel it is necessary since they are only talking at a friendship level in the first place. So I guess I would be 80% sure she actually liked me and was interested. I would need to know if she was like that with other guys. If not, I would be closer to 100% she did like me.
      I would say something like, "I think you are really interesting person and I would love to get to know you better if you were single." I'm not sure what she would say, but really, even "ok, no problem" would be fine and respectable.

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  • He would think the obvious: That she was leading him on.

    • Why though? Would he assume she was attracted to him?

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  • it depends on the type of relationship they have , and it varies from person to person , maybe the guy has acrush on the girl and wants to ask her out to be more than friends , but approaches more carefully, but the girl thinks they are hanging out as friends, so the situation changes the answer.

  • Would this topic have come up naturaly in a conversation before? It's possible that it just didn't come up. Just keep that in mind. Don't get ahead of yourself.

  • the guy will think the girl is a cheater and a playette. the guy will definitely think that the girl is not a good person and leading him on.

    • Will he think she's on the fence about cheating or think he's hot and just likes flirting?

    • mostly it will feel like she's on the fence about cheating.

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