Are these signs this guy wants to have a relationship with me?

-He follows through on plans and even sends me "reminders" of the plans we made days before.
-He compliments me
-He asks me questions in general, but will also ask questions like "how many kids do you want?"
-He voluntarily cuddles and holds me in his arms and will squeeze me closer
-He pays when we go to eat with friends
-He introduces me to his friends
-He wanted me to meet his immediate family
-He makes plans with me once a week, each time we hang out it gets longer. Last time it was 10 hours.
-He's around me when we're in a group setting, and when I talk to his guy male friends he pulls me in a little closer.
-He openly shared that he wants to take things slowly because we have the same friendship circle and doesn't want things to get weird.
-He is a gentleman; opens doors for me, asks me if I need a drink, offers me a blanket, generally looks out for my well-being.
-He's openly admitted that he's physically attracted to me (good and bad).

-He doesn't easily open up to me about what he does or does not want from a girl in a relationship. (like, what else does he want to know about me before making a decision to move forward).
-He doesn't text me unless it's to make plans or remind me of plans (good thing or bad thing, can't decide)
-He doesn't always shows me affection, specifically in public, (not a con: but he will in front of his friends if we're all hanging out.)
-He hasn't asked me or taken me out on a formal date, most of what we do is "hang out." This is my biggest con.

So say he is interested in being more... how long do I give him before I decide to move on? I like to give grace and be understanding, but I don't accept less than I deserve either.


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  • I think he's interested but is taking it slow and doesn't want to come off as over bearing. Maybe just ask him what his plans are for the two of you, it's the only way you'll know for sure. Ask him in person.


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