Going into my junior year of university and never had a girlfriend of anything else, I'm involved but nothing, does cold approaching work at university?

My major is male majority, it's just a sausage fest of dudes 😑 And I don't know what to do, there's a couple of chicks but they were already a couple of Chicks in my classes but sadly I did not act fast enough considering there's like 70 dudes to 2 chicks etc, I'm involved in clubs but the clubs I'm involved in are also full of dudes, and also there aren't that many people involved in them, I'm a little frustrated and I'm wondering if cold approaching will work although with all the bad things that have been happening on the news with sexual assaults or street harassment I don't know if that is okay any help?


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  • Why do people prefer approaching strangers rather than acquaintances/friends/their friends friends? It's easier that way.

    • Friends are worthless and have always been I don't trust people after getting screwed over so many times, they would probably ask the girl out before even trying to help me.

    • Plus I don't like drinking which seems to be what a lot of social gatherings revolve around in university

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  • You should try an adult film star escort.


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