A girl who has rejected me many times gives me mixed messages when I mentioned trying to get a girlfriend and eventually rejected me again. Why?

I have known her online for a couple of years and have asked her out a few times. She has had a few boyfriends over the years, but none of them lasted. We are very close friends and she is very flirty. In some of the games we play together, our characters are married. I tried asking her a few months ago if she was ok with me getting a girlfriend since she didn't want to date me. This wasn't to make her jealous, I really wanted a girlfriend and by then I had asked her plenty, always getting rejected. She said that she would like to date me, which shocked me since she had rejected me a month before that, and many times before that month. So I tried to talk to her about it, but she said she had to go and put it off. When I finally saw her again, I actually asked her to date me, but after getting I dont knows and mixed messages for a week, i got the same answer i always got, no. My theory is that she is just giving mixed messages to stop me from dating, but she says that its complicated and even mentioned the old motif that she doesn't want to risk our friendship and even brought up her old relationship from months ago. I know this might sound childish, but any Thoughts?


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  • Yeah I feel like she's playing games on you. Very manipulating.

    • If she's playing games is it because she's worried ill stop being friends with her if she won't date me (which is untrue, ill always be friends with her), or because she wants to keep me as a backup or something?

  • She seems to be playing games

    • I dont think she's playing games, i think she's just unsure or doesn't want to gurt my feelings, i just need to get her to give a straight answer.

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