Guys, how do you know if a man truly cares for you?


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  • You don't, guys can be so easy yet so hard to read. Tippically if I really care for them I take care of them more than myself. I also put their needs before mine and make sure they are always happy.

  • He shows it , he would put you before himself and friends , he would do whatever to make you feel better on a bad day and not hurt you, now saying that it's hard for most guys to show it and we mess up a lot even when we do care , if he cares for you , you will feel it

    • Is it possible to mistake it?

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    • Let's say that somebody acts like they really do, not just words. Actions. No rushing either. Then some leftover business from the pass comes into their present and leaves you wondering if you have mistaken it.

    • If by unfinished business in the past as in an ex he should still pay attention to you if he likes you and leave the ex in the past.. if a guy likes you he puts you at the top of the list or else you will always wonder if he cares for the ex more

  • A good way to quantify this is to examine the amount of sacrifice on his part.

    For example you're sick so he decides to not go drinking with his friends and stays home with you.


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