If a girl your talking to never texts you first... is that a sign she's not into you? What does it mean?


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  • I always take it as a sign of indifference. I just assume I'm never on the person's mind if they never initiate contact. Especially if you've been texting for a while. If I'm always initiating contact then I feel I'm being a nuisance , so I stop contacting the person

    • Thanks. I'm just confused cause like 4 weeks ago we went on the best date ever and she slept over. The next week a mutual friend told me she liked me.

      Problem is... I'm the last couple weeks she has been making excuses to not hang out, like every time I ask. On top of not texting me first.

      What would your insight be?

    • If she genuinely liked you she'd make an effort not an excuse. Stop initiating contact with her , if she's still interested then she'll initiate contact with you. If not, then you'll know exactly where you stand with her , so you'll be able to move on from her

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  • I would assume she isn't into me.


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  • Speaking for myself here, there are 2 reasons I wouldn't text first... 1 is I'm not that interested and just use you to pass time when I need it.
    2 is I'm afraid of over talking like I don't want to come off as desperate and put you off. But if it's been a while like a month the 2 doesn't apply :) hope this helps.

  • You're not much of a priority to her then.

  • Or maybe she just isn't into texting.

    • She might not be. Whenever I text her she always replies, and engages... but before we were romantic (just friends) she would tel me that she sucks at texting.

    • That could be the reason, I hate texting as well. I don't really text my boyfriend unless it's a " I'm on my way " or something like that but actual conversations I rather talk on the phone,

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