I went on a date yesterday?

And everything seemed to be going fine, but I feel maybe I was too open, but he seemed interested, but anyway he kept saying are we going to date we can meet every weekend when we both ain't busy. He was like I'm going to miss you stuff like that then when he was driving me home he said he will text me and he waved goodbye! But when I got in I text to make sure he gets home safe, and he said thanks, then he text again saying he was home. But nothing after that even though I messaged him saying that's good so I sent him a text saying hi how's after and he say hi back and nothing else when before he said so much more to keep the conversation going. Have I put him off? Or is he keeping it cool?
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Also I forgot to mention he is online on whatsapp but just nothing as he has been on and off


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  • stop over thinking everything he is doing. Your only going to make yourself miserable, and make yourself look like a clingy child.

    2 have to choices now, you either pick up the phone and speak to him properly, none of this anti social bullshit texting. I personally hate texting.

    Or you leave him to call you to make the arrangements, and don't think about it.

    • Being online on whatsapp means nothing, It doesn't mean he actually using whatsapp, it means that he is connected to the internet, and that whatsapp is running in the background.

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  • Don't get too needy and worried... that will drive a man crazy!

  • If he was so persistent about meeting you every weekend, he's definitely interested. Don't overthink it.


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