Did she suddenly lose interest? or am I overthinking things?

So there is a really cute girl in my math class that I sit next to. 2 weeks ago she told me if I ever needed help just to call her and wrote her number in my notes. I did and we ended up studying for and exam together. Last week we had class on valentines day, and she mentioned she was single and invited me out for drinks with her, her roommate, and her roommates boyfriend. Everything went really well and we ended up making out at the end of the night. A couple days later she invited me over to her place to hang out. We made out some more that night but she made it clear nothing else was happening that night (which I was fine with). At one point she even told me how much she likes me and how she gets butterflies everytime she talks to me (and I told her I liked her too and felt the same thing). That was Friday and on Saturday we tried to get together for lunch but couldn't make it work with our schedules. However yesterday Sunday it seemed as thought she was becoming distant. I texted her once with no reply I figured she must be busy and would get back to me. However i never heard anything, So today I texted her once more to see if she had done the homework for our math class because I had some questions and wanted to see if we could meet up at some point. All i got was a "no" from her and that was it. no response to the question about getting together or to help answer questions. I assumed she must be busy again and she just didn't have time for anything but a no. however she has been very active on social media all day but has failed to reply to me. Has she suddenly just lost interest in me over the span on like 1-2 days or am i just completely overthinking things?


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  • Yeah she did


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  • She's a bitch unfortunately... It's happened to me and don't get feelings for someone who'll make out in the matter of one night

    • Whoa! Yes she has lost feelings but making out with someone in one night isn't a deal breaker. In this situation she simply lost interest. That won't happen with every girl who kisses you on the first night.

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