Guys/Girls - Do common/mutual interests even mean anything to girls these days?

Because in my experiences it doesn't really mean shit.

I'll have a lot in common with a girl but she chooses a different guy over me because he conveys more value.

And I have been on the other side of this where a girl will be very into me when we are not a right fit and friendzone guys that have almost everything in common with her.

It's a reoccurring theme for me that makes it hard for me to care when I come across someone who is interesting and attractive who shares common interests because in the back of my head all I can think is "this means nothing and she would ditch me for someone who is perceived to be *better* at any moment".

So in return I decided to just not care and go for women who I find the most attractive lol but I'm failing at that too.

Curious what your opinions are on this - no judgements, I just want understanding.

***some of these girls I met on dating sites or through friends, it's what I've come to expect***
  • As a guy, I have had this happen plenty of times
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  • As a guy, if we have a lot in common we usually end up see each other
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  • As a girl, my reasoning for doing this would probably be because I just don't feel attraction
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  • As a girl, if we have a lot in common we either date or be friends
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  • Other...
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  • Attractiveness is all that matters to me
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  • I just need to feel an attraction, if we are alike that's a bonus but we don't always have to be.


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