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I met this guy off the internet a few months ago and we were talking. He disappeared for a while and about 2 weeks ago showed back up and started messaging me. He told be he disappeared because he was dating someone else for a few weeks but it was a mistake because it didn't work out.
I gave him the benefit of the doubt and went out with him. It went really well, we grabbed some food for lunch since we work close and he invited me to the desert that weekend to go dirt biking with him. At this time I met his family and it went really well. We did sleep together during this time.
Then last night he didn't want to have sex or cuddle much which isn't that big a deal but it was odd (maybe he just needed a little space) but when I left he seemed happy and kissed me goodbye and he did text me when he got up today. The thing which throws me off is he said he doesn't date more than one person at a time and I still see him on the dating site today where we met. What do you guys think? Please I think I'm over analyzing this and I don't want to mess it up. What do I do?


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  • I think it's quite possible that he was lying to you, otherwise he wouldn't have kept using the dating site.


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