Do u consider it a mistake texting a girl u like?

I believe yes texting should only be used to plan dates/outings with her so dont consume the good talks via texting opinions guys and girls?
Although sometimes girls i am interested in tend to think that i am not into them thats why i dont open up on chats


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What Girls Said 1

  • nope. it's simple, I like him, so I like talking to him. there shouldn't be "rules" for this honestly.


What Guys Said 2

  • I mean it doesn't make you look like a creep if she gave you her number.

    I would suggest don't make feminist jokes, but just be careful for what you say to her

    • What i meant is that i like to concerve the good talks for actual face to face meet ups not just chatting

    • Oh okay.

      I actually don't like texting people.

      I like to meetup and chat.

      Sadly people in my generation don't do that shit.

  • no, when texting (for me that is using facebook messenger, I haveher number but we prefer it this way) you can talk about stuff that needs a bit more visualisation so we send images as well. We are both really shy people and there are subjects we don't like to talk about in person.
    We see each other very often but we don't have the time to tell each other everything in that time.
    We chat everyday because everyday we just feel like it and we just chat about random stuff that you might not think of when meeting in person


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